The sun is out for our end of term party! ☀️🙌🏻🎪 Featuring our special guests @bestival organised by @AUBSU

Only @inspiredAUB would you get a #AUBxBestival Thankyou @AUBSU this is awesome 🙂

Catch up with the all the action from Day Two.

Our final team! Team 10 address the issue of clearing up litter throughout the festival as well as taking tents and rubbish home at the end.

They designed the Bestibus; where people exchange tents and litter in exchange for a ticket for the bus to leave the festival, and the JunkBox; large bins shaped like jukeboxes that play a song when litter is deposited.

Team 9: #bringithome

Focussing on taking not only your tent home, but your memories too. The team designed a product called the ‘flag bag’, a flag to decorate the camp, bringing creativity and a sense of pride to their tent.

Team 8 present their pitch and focus on #tentcycle, appreciating that a lot of festival lovers like the fabric wristband. All festival goers receive a plastic wristband but upon exchange of unwanted tents at the end of the festival, they will receive a special edition fabric wristband to keep as a souvenir.

Team 7 created a mock-up wristband with the tag line ‘pack it up, pack it in’ adding some humour to their pitch!

Team 6 are up!

The team named themselves Impact and looked at a solution for both now and forever, not just a temporary fix.

#AUB24BESTIVAL Team 5; we 💚 our planet 🌎, we are @Bestival

Team 5 incorporate elements of wellbeing into their campaign, such as pride and community. We love our planet. We are Bestival.

RT @quiannamaw: Finishing touches to our presentation which starts in 1 minute #AUB24BESTIVAL #teamfive

Team 4 delivered the concept of being a Bestival citizen; instead of bringing your own tent, share a Bestival tent and become part of the community.

Team 3: Battle of the Colours

Team 3 presented a strong promotional campaign and came up with the slogan ‘be green, be clean, be Bestival!’

Time for team 2!

The Life of a Tent: team 2 created a short film to present to the client showing a day in the life of a festival tent. The team focussed on changing misconceptions about what happens to tents left behind by festival goers.

Team 1 are up!

Starting with an elephant and Indian theme, the team moved on to take inspiration from Bollywood and decided to have a feature elephant installation at the festival, made from recycled materials.

We are ready for your pitches teams!

Ready for the pitches to start!

DAY 2 

It’s pitch day! The teams have been working away through the night, ready for today’s pitches to the Bestival team.

It’s been a brilliant first day! There’s some great ideas coming through from the teams and we can’t wait for tomorrow’s pitches.

Take a look at the action from day one.

The teams are working through the afternoon, taking on board advice from mentors and the Bestival team.

The brief has been delivered by Joe Elkins, Head of Brand Marketing at Bestival. Students now have 24 hours to work in cross course teams to collaborate on ideas before tomorrow’s pitches.

The Brief:

Every year, Bestival sends nearly 300 tonnes of waste to landfill.
That’s approximately the weight of 111 elephants and the weight of 25 double-decker buses!

The majority of this is waste customer rubbish and tents left in our campsites at the end of the festival.

Bestival really wants change this and reduce our impact on the environment. To achieve this, we need customers to keep the campsites tidy and take home their tents.

We have two key aims in this area:

  • Awareness – we need to get the message out there about the impact this is having on the environment. We’ve also found through market research that there are some myths around this issue, e.g. a lot of people believe that tents left behind are used for refugees – this is not true!
  • We’re looking to engender a strong sense of community in our campsites – we strongly believe that if campers feel a strong affinity to their campsite and to Bestival they will treat it with respect.

We’re looking for ways to achieve this, and we’d love your help! If the idea of your group impresses us enough, we’ll invite you to join us in making it all happen.

Students have arrived in the Drawing Studio, ready to receive the brief from Bestival.

Day 1

Today students from a variety of courses have come together to work in cross course teams on Bestival’s 24-hour live brief.

We’re joined by the Bestival team, Joe Elkins, Milly Pestell and Liam Mayet, as well as industry mentors Martin Coyne from Bond & Coyne, Tony Hill from Sideshow, Arabella Lewis-Smith from Salad, and Alice Stevens Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Graphic Design at AUB.

See what happened on day three when the teams pitched their ideas to Virgin.

It’s been a fantastic three days with some great pitches from all of the teams. ​Thanks to everyone for taking part!

Such an amazing 48 hours working with @VirginStartUp !! Really enjoyed the opportunity and would definitely recommend AUB24 #AUB24VIRGIN

It’s now time for the students to receive feedback on their final pitches. Good luck to all the teams!

@VirginStartUp such an amazing opportunity working with the virgin start up team! We hope you like our idea! #team10 #AUB24VIRGIN

The pitches are well underway...

Sam can’t contain his excitement for the pitch ?? #AUB24VIRGIN

Shooting down to Bournemouth for the #AUB24VIRGIN marketing pitches with @AndyFishburn . Looking forward to hearing some creative ideas!

Day Three

It’s the final day! Team 2, Team 4, Team 6, Team 7, Team 9 and Team 10 have all progressed to the final round of pitches.

Teams will present to Virgin StartUp’s Digital and Social Manager, Mike Ruffles, Head of Investment, Andy Fishburn as well as Jim Cregan, Founder and Creator of Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and AUB’s Head of Marketing and Communications, Simon Pride.

See what happened on day two when the teams pitched their ideas to the judges.

Yay got through!! Watch out virgin team 10 are taking over ??? #AUB24VIRGIN

When you get through yay ? #AUB24VIRGIN

It’s the end of day two and the teams have had their feedback and found out whether they’ll be returning for tomorrow’s second round of pitches. Roll on day three!

#AUB24Virgin waiting now for feedback after the first round of pitches 🙂 #team9

dolla designs ??? @richardbranson #AUB24VIRGIN

Some images from day 1 of #AUB24Virgin go #team9 🙂

The first round of pitches is over and we've seen some great ideas from all the teams!

#AUB24VIRGIN pitches are underway! Lots of exciting ideas ✨

currently doing a run through for our presentation in an hour after coming up with a fresh new idea #AUB24VIRGIN #team3

It’s almost time for the teams to pitch to the panel of judges. First up is Team One!

Getting ready for the 1st round of #AUB24VIRGIN pitches! ? @VirginStartUp @inspiredAUB

Day Two

It’s pitch day! After a busy day yesterday, the teams are finalising their ideas before the first round of pitches start at 11:30AM.

Take a look at what happened on day one when the students received the brief from Virgin StartUp’s Mike Ruffles.

All the teams are working away on their ideas, ready for tomorrow's first round of pitches.

Great morning working on #AUB24VIRGIN with students @inspiredAUB helping to spread the work of @VirginStartUp.

working on ideas for #AUB24VIRGIN

Virgin StartUp's Digital and Social Manager Mike Ruffles offering advice to the teams.

#AUB24VIRGIN is well underway! Exciting ideas coming together! @inspiredAUB @VirginStartUp #AUBMAKERS

Mentors Martin Coyne, Grace Bond, Xavier Keeling, Alice Stevens and Mark Sephton are on hand to offer advice to the students.

The brief has been set and it's time to get to work. The students now have 24 hours to work in cross course teams on their ideas for tomorrow's pitches.

#AUB24VIRGIN is underway, with the brief set from @VirginStartUp.

The Brief:

Create a marketing campaign that raises awareness of Virgin StartUp outside of London and encourages them to engage with the brand online.

Whether it be registering for an event, downloading a business plan or applying for a Virgin StartUp loan. The primary audience for this will be 18 – 30 year olds, however it will be open for everyone.


  • Shows Virgin StartUp as a thought leaders in the startup space.
  • Should adhere to Virgin Group brand values.
  • Results in leads for Virgin StartUp.


  • Consider if it can be repeatable across different regions, if specific to one.
  • We’re a not-for-profit so, while we want you to think big, be realistic.
  • It has to be measurable, how do we measure the success of your campaign?

Day 1: Today 60 students from BA (Hons) Graphics Design, Visual Communications, Illustration and Photography have come together to work in cross course teams for Virgin StartUp's 24-hour live brief.