The Brief

The Brief

Every year, Bestival sends nearly 300 tonnes of waste to landfill.
That’s approximately the weight of 111 elephants and the weight of 25 double-decker buses!

The majority of this is waste customer rubbish and tents left in our campsites at the end of the festival.

Bestival really wants change this and reduce our impact on the environment. To achieve this, we need customers to keep the campsites tidy and take home their tents.

We have two key aims in this area:
– Awareness – we need to get the message out there about the impact this is having on the environment. We’ve also found through market research that there are some myths around this issue, e.g. a lot of people believe that tents left behind are used for refugees – this is not true!

– We’re looking to engender a strong sense of community in our campsites – we strongly believe that if campers feel a strong affinity to their campsite and to Bestival they will treat it with respect.

We’re looking for ways to achieve this, and we’d love your help! If the idea of your group impresses us enough, we’ll invite you to join us in making it all happen.

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