The Brief

To create a supersonic marketing or advertising campaign to launch Jimmy’s Iced Coffee onto the world.

The Teams


From the day

  • We gave our brief yesterday to these guys... Now they're gonna give something back. Yes. #AUB24

  • Just wrapping up for the day at #AUB24 an finalising the pitch for tomorrow. Should be good!

  • #team2 Had a lot of fun these last 24 hours. A LOT. Thank you Jimmy, thank you Jimmy's beard x #aub24

The Results

“It was such a great experience and the fact that everyone completely ‘got’ our business in 24 hours was just flabbergasting.”
Jim Cregan, Founder and Managing Director, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.

“From AUB 24 we already have a years worth of outstanding marketing ideas for implementation. It blew me away. What we are doing is out of this world, I am honoured to be a part of it.”
Suzie Cregan, Co-founder and Director, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee.